November 26, 2007

Studying Schwab

Back in school we used to get away with replicating other artists' signature styles by deeming the work a "study". This practice was often encouraged, but as we became upperclassmen with unique visual styles of our own, it died out.

For this year's holiday card Julie and I decided to revisit this activity and borrow the charming and timeless look of Michael Schwab's illustrations. While I will refrain from posting the finished card design, here are the studies:

julie & gweck

aaron & beans

November 15, 2007

Word it for November

Drumroll please…here is my Word It submission for November. This month's word is Next: coming immediately after the present one in order or space. As if enough typographic solutions to "next" involving arrows and X's hadn't already been submitted, I proceeded boldly with my own take on the arrow-X treatment. Is this X headed in next, or is it headed out? Ponder that.


November 4, 2007

My Favorite Typefaces

My original intent was to begin this post with a butchered rendition of "My Favorite Things" reinterpreted to express my love for all things Type. But I figured everybody involved would be better off if I forgo the shenanigans and dive straight into the post. There are many typefaces that I love, but these are some I've found popping up in my work frequently over the last five years. The obvious trend—lots of slab serif or no serif at all.

My Favorite Fonts