January 26, 2007

Here goes...

After viewing my friend Jonah's blog yesterday I decided that perhaps it's time I jump on the bandwagon and create a blog of my own that nobody will read. Last month I gave myspace a try, and already I've had enough of it. Granted, I like the concept of social networking, but the execution falls undeniably short. The animated ad of a half naked girl swiveling to and fro; the banner telling me that I've won a new laptop; the way everybody rocks blue steel in their avatar.

So now I'm embarking on a new project: my own blog, or as I prefer to call it, a web journal. I think this will be far better suited to my many convictions on the subject of design. Not that I have any time in my life to dedicate to this. But like my mother taught me, you make time for the things you enjoy. I enjoy the process of creation; the way it is before a committee gives it's fourth round of feedback; the way design genius Jessica Helfand explains it:

"Drawing is the point of contact in which idea begins to approximate form. There is a kind of transcendent energy in the sketchbook, or the tissue, or even the napkin upon which the simplest of doodles begins its long, twisted road to realization. It’s all grist for the mill, and the studio is its incubation chamber: not the studio with the white board and the IT guy and the phones ringing and the incessant emails, but the studio in which the ideas seek, and ultimately start to find, their burgeoning, fledgling form."

This thrill of creation is what brings me to the blogging world. It isn't something I could have achieved on myspace, right below a blinking advertisement for Classmates.com. That being said, perhaps there is some worth in rocking blue steel every so often. I'll leave you with my best execution of it.