September 4, 2007

The Propagandizer

I just want to take a moment to announce a new project that my girlfriend Julie and I are starting called the Propagandizer. Click here to check it out. Spurred by the fulfillment of designing the 9/11 General Strike Poster, we are launching this project as a small contribution to a world desperately in need of change. I for one have never been the type of activist to march in rallies, stage sit-ins or throw eggs at the presidential motorcade, so we believe this undertaking will drown out any other attempts we could make to have our voices heard.

On a continual basis we will post original propaganda that you can download, print & post in your neighborhood if you are so inclined. If you disagree with the point of view expressed by the Propagandizer, let us know (as I'm sure you will). If you wish to contribute your own propaganda, please do so. Prepare your artwork as a PDF file and email it to this address. Please keep the file size below 5MB.

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