May 15, 2007

Web 2.0, I love you

Just a quick memo to proclaim my love for the era of immediate information. I'm smitten with the Internet. I love it in the same way I love my bicycle or Dunkin Donuts coffee. It's always there, ready to take me new places, show me new things and answer my questions. It's my professor, my doctor, my tour guide, my mailman, my megaphone, and my community.

Whether this is good or bad for the other relationships in my life is a question for the true, living-breathing apple of my eye, Julie. But I must admit that my infatuation with the Internet is long-standing and still going strong.

On a side note, you can now check out my fickr photostream by clicking on the flickr badge in the sidebar. Meet our menagerie of pets and catch a glimpse into the daily goings-on at the Weinstein/Vazquez household.


Anonymous said...

Yay for the introneeettt Too! I cant wait to see your photos!!! Damit i need a blog!

Studiostein said...

If you want a blog of your own just click on the "Blogger Powered" button in my sidebar. Blogger is free and real easy. I know...I sound like a commercial. Sorry. You could also use bloglines (, Live Journal (, or about a hundred other free or cheap blog services.