March 30, 2007

Word it

Word it is your opportunity to express in any manner you wish and with as many (or as little) other graphic elements as you need, what best describes each monthly word.

I originally started participating in this monthly project to drive traffic to my site. Now it's become a quick and fun exercise that I look forward to every month. Here are my word it designs submitted to to Speak Up over the last three months.

March: "I"
For March I arrived at my design by thinking of "I" as it pertains to the concept of self. "I" and "Identity" can nearly be used to define one another. The fingerprint was just the natural next step.

February: "Yell"
I'll be the first to admit that on the rare occasion I loose my patience and yell, my dog Gweck is probably on the receiving end (that or perhaps a designer tantrum is in progress). However infrequent reactions like this are, they are something that I strive to eliminate entirely. February's "Yell" was a comment on this verbal sort of abuse that happens toward animals all the time and often goes unnoticed.

January: "Wonder"
No matter what the word of the month may be, someone always seems to put a political spin on it. Here is my little bit of anti-establishment conspiracy theorist petition signing Adbusters reading personality coming through.

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