April 7, 2008


I've never been a huge Bjork fan, but I am always impressed by the limitless, childlike creativity that shines through in everything she does. Her latest video, Wanderlust, is one of the most visually arresting experiences I've come across. Like walking into another person's lucid dream, Wanderlust is somewhat disturbing, highly ambiguous and completely overwhelming. The colors sizzle and the contours undulate as you travel through this amalgamation of Tibetan folklore and hallucination. This shouldn't be surprising. In the directors' words, the creative process "involved using psilocybin mushrooms…and going into nature in kind of a perturbed state."

Wanderlust, much like Bjork's early video for Human Behavior, evokes an intimate sense of place. Whether its stomping through a moonlit forest glen in the stomach of a life size teddy bear or careening down a river on the back of a Tibetan yak in the painterly Himalayan sunlight, you will certainly leave these videos with a sense of having experienced something profoundly unusual. You can view Wanderlust below, but I highly recommend watching the large format version here. And keep your eyes out for the 3D version to be released soon.

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The Dog Dish said...

I loved that video. I am not really into Bjork's music but she is definitely someone I like to check in on from time to time to see what she is up to art wise. Such a beautiful video! Great post Aaron!